All in one place for your pet


The Elen company has been importing and distributing pet food for several years, food which is of excellent quality, enriched with vitamins and minerals and has an excellent ratio of energy and protein.

Guided by the market needs we as a company decided to expand our range with a wide varietyof equipment for pets from the world famous brand Ferplast.

In the offer you can find a diverse range ofof leashes, bras and collars, cribs, conveyors, food and water containers, toys for your pets and the necessary things to maintain hygiene.

You can find Elen Pet’s offer in our newly opened sales center Elte Center or browse our catalog on our website and order online.

Contact:; +389 76 492 029


Elte Center Opening – Your center for everything


Guided by the need to be close to our customers, in August, the first Elte Center started operating, located at 7 Skopska Street in Kochani.

Elte Center is the place where you can find the largestassortment of the following products: hand and power tools, paints and varnishes, protective and HTZ equipment, supply and drainage, electricity, building materials, fodder and flour.

Within the Elte Center there is an Agricultural Pharmacy and a Pet Shop.

Elte Center as a modern center provides timely and fast delivery to your desired location.

Contact:; 00389 75 282 368;


New in Elen – JUB polycolors and facade systems


The company Elen has expanded its range of building materials with the famous Slovenian brand JUB.

The wide range of JUB products includes interior paints and decorations, facade systems and energy solutions, waterproofing, concrete protection and more.

You can find this whole assortment in Elen and in Elte Center in Kochani.

Contact Elte Center:; 00389 75 282 368;

Contact Elen:; 00389 78 304 816