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Our Company Elen JTD was established in 1992 and has been actively engaged for more than 25 years in the wholesale and retail trade of products in several areas and categories.

The company starts the initial development with a retail facility for food products and with wholesale and retail trade of products such as fodder, flour and cereals, as its main activity.

  • The company continues its development in 2012 and upgrades with the opening of a retail facility for agricultural products and fertilizers, within the warehouses of the company.

  • In 2015, the company expanded its operations with a new sector, the sale of building materials for dry and solid construction.

  • In 2017, the company founded its Elte Tools World brand which starts with the sale of hand and power tools, HTZ equipment and paints and varnishes. In a short time, the Elte Tools World brand manages to become the exclusive distributor of several world famous brands: MTX, Gross, Palisad, Daewoo, Rapter, Hardy, Lacuna, Kromaks.

  • In 2020, the company Elen opens its first Elte Center, a center where you can find the entire range of products of the company at great prices and guaranteed quality.

History of the company

Establishment of ELEN JTD
Opening of a retail facility for agricultural products and fertilizers
Expansion of operations and sales of construction materials
Establishment of Elte Tools World
Elte Center opening


The mission of the company is together with the whole team, to create loyal and satisfied customers and to constantly increase the range with new and innovative products.


The vision that the company strives for and which is a guide over the years is building long-term relationships and support for our customers and employees and daily monitoring of world trends in the areas we work.

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Quality and fast service

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